integrate solutions at Acumenture

Get the best for your business
Utilize the converged power of different technologies

Use data to be sure-footed about your strategy
Build automated systems and truly customize your solution
Multiply your returns by using the appropriate technology

Technologies need to work together to cater to the vast variety of business requirements. A flexible, robust and complete solution thus employs the best features of multiple technologies to provide the exact solution to your business problem.

How we can help

  • Building solutions to serve your business requirement precisely
  • Creating effective solutions with the aim to maximize your return
  • Providing training and helping the transition to new tools and processes

What we do better than others

  • Understand your business requirement just like you do
  • Thrive on efficiency and simplicity to build long-lasting solutions
  • Focus on maximizing your returns and minimizing your costs

Insight into what we provide as integrated solutions

  • Security control on the mobile
    We combine RFID readers, web cameras and boom barriers if required to provide a system that keeps photographic record of visitors entering your premises. The system can be integrated with mobile devices or computers depending on your requirement.
  • Integrating smart devices for ease of use
    We are building solutions that interface writing instruments, medical devices and physical sensors. These smart solutions reduce training costs and remove barriers to adoption of IT solutions.
  • Adaptive systems to prevent fraud and implement personalization
    We are working on data intensive self-learning solutions that can be employed to prevent online fraud and to personlize the experience for your customers. Based on the data we gather and process, every customer is treated uniquely. Over a period of time this becomes your single source of competitive advantage.

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